Property transfers: Oxford Lane property sells for $510,000

<p>Photo credit: Justin Shearer | Flickr</p>

Photo credit: Justin Shearer | Flickr


EDITOR’S NOTE: Content appears as it is provided in public records.

Lake Zurich

223 Rosehall Drive, #45: Delfina G Cardenas to Yuri Granovsky for $195,000 on Aug. 9

36 S Shore Lane: Roland J Pauwles and Karen L Pauwles to James Song and Jin Jung Song for $408,000 on Aug. 9

572 Turtle Pond Court: Matthew D Samuels and Kristin N Samuels to Jeffrey I Glicksman and Keri Glicksman for $359,900 on Aug. 8

735 Stillwater Court: Charles P Pytlarz Co Trust, Carol L Pytlarz Co Trust and Pytlarz Trust 01/03/2013 to Simon A Hughes for $265,000 on Aug. 5

90 Hobble Bush Drive, #4: Scott T Fischer to Richard F Ostry Jr for $309,500 on Aug. 9

1192 Betty Drive: Jerry W Marshall and Pamela M Marshall to Constantine Campbell for $361,250 on Aug. 9

24205 Gabriel Drive: Firstmerit Bank to James R Kappelman and Amy Kappelman for $490,000 on Aug. 9

760 Warwick Court, #2: Luis Guzman and Julie Guzman to Robert Blake Sands and Margarita Sands for $422,000 on Aug. 8

12 Regent Court, #1: Nicholos J Badal and Nancy L Badal to Aleksey Silpedes and Mary Ann Silpedes for $319,000 on Aug. 9

23791 N Quentin Road: Day Spring Bible College Inc to Iryna Sirman and Serhiy Sirman for $245,000 on Aug. 9

23621 N Cottage Road: Peter Ticsay, Rica Suaverdez and Rica Ticsay Kna to Agnieszka Marchelewicz and Adam Marchelewicz for $210,000 on Aug. 8

1152 Oxford Lane, #4: MacIej Koscielniak and Anna Koscielniak to Brian M Amend and Stephanie A Freichels for $510,000 on Aug. 7

North Barrington

473 Pinewoods Drive: Gregory G Brown and Lorraine D Brown to Anthony E Kircher and Julia T Kircher for $530,000 on Aug. 9

120 Scott Road: Michael Billon and Laura Billon to Mark J Beaubien and Kelly A Mazza Beaubien for $1,551,000 on Aug. 6

Deer Park

23725 Juniper Lane: John Morrison and Priscilla J Morrison to Sandro A Ferrarone for $675,000 on Aug. 8

Hawthorn Woods

13 Championship Parkway: Suzanne A Gehrke to Ryan N Chellin and Morgan K Chellin for $433,200 on Aug. 7


20518 N Plumwood Drive: Capital One to Roderick G McInnis and Kristin Alworth McInnis for $530,000 on Aug. 9

Lake Barrington

28039 W Northpointe Parkway, #4: Ecr Northpointe LLC to Valley Hill Holding LLC for $327,347 on Aug. 8


25819 W Sunset Lane: Ernest Brink and Linda Brink to Iglika H Jilly and James A Jilly Jr for $325,000 on Aug. 9

987 Marlborough Road: Yu-Min C Wu and Han Wu to Ih2 Property Il for $289,000 on Aug. 8

79 Timberlake Drive, #1: Scott West and Lynn West to James R Ballard and Julie S Ballard for $455,000 on Aug. 6

125 S Deerpath Road: Diana S Eisenbart and John William Eisenbart to John D Rohrer and Linlee Rohrer for $320,000 on Aug. 6

536 North Ave: Morris M Campise and Mary Kathryn Campise to Matthew McLaughlin and Casandra McLaughlin for $390,000 on Aug. 7

1315 Cascade Lane, #2: Pawel Gibas to Ramandeep S Toor for $95,000 on Aug. 9

380 W County Line Road: Deborah M Mitchell to Lawson D Kelly and Candace R Wirt for $500,000 on Aug. 8

28183 N Garland Road: David Murphy to William Keller for $12,000 on Aug. 9

120 Vista View Drive, #12: John Japuntich and Jennifer Japuntich to Christine M Pieroni for $145,000 on Aug. 7

1422 Roxbury Lane, #2: Eugene L Ericson and Carolyn A Ericson to Stacey Dadian and Karyn Dadian for $290,000 on Aug. 9

Long Grove

4525 Red Oak Lane: Daniel A Lieberman and Natalie H Lieberman to George D Patterson Jr and Dorothe L Patterson for $749,000 on Aug. 9

1323 Red Oak Lane, #6513234A: Donna M Rounds to Yejin Zhou and Yingqing Zhang for $55,000 on Aug. 9

6869 Ellis Drive: Santosh K Singh and Malathi Singh to Richard Allen and Rochelle Allen for $635,000 on Aug. 9

Vernon Hills

165 Royal Oak Drive, #5: Cuibao Mo and Xiaoxin Sun to Don W Franke and Lisa M Franke for $337,500 on Aug. 9


236 Minerva Ave, #3: Gudrun Stachel to Michael Davalle for $137,000 on Aug. 8 

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